Powering Opportunities for Sustainable Growth

Ittihad International Investment LLC is building a remarkable legacy as the leading alternative investment group in the UAE. Ittihad develops, manages and operates a diversified, non oil and gas portfolio across the industrial, infrastructure, healthcare and environmental services sectors. The Company's operations are located in the GCC, but it sells its products and services globally. Since 2008, we have been powering opportunities and enabling wealth creation through a diverse portfolio of assets that balance profitability with sustainability.

our Verticals

Our foundation for wealth creation is based on four verticals

Consumer Goods Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Building Materials Manufacturing, Business Services, and Healthcare and Others. Through diligent governance framework, strong commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, and astute investment strategies, Ittihad has consistently surpassed expectations, regionally and internationally.

Consumer Goods Manufacturing

This vertical is oriented around three industries - the production of printing and writing paper, tissue paper, and chemicals used in detergents and personal care products.

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Infrastructure and Building Materials Manufacturing

The Company's infrastructure and building materials manufacturing vertical produces premium copper rods, straight steel bars, cut and bend steel, and high quality cementitious material.

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Business Services

This vertical provides long term procurement, maintenance, and operation of radiology departments in Government-owned hospitals, operation and maintenance services for infrastructure networks, wastewater treatment plants, sewage network and treatment plants, and city cleaning and municipal waste collection.

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Healthcare and Other

The Company's healthcare and other vertical provides healthcare solutions such as provision of turnkey radiology departments for clinics and hospitals, surgical and emergency room theatres and equipment, life care science products, and laboratory equipment and consumables. Other services under this vertical includes development and execution of proprietary strategies in capital markets, a digital freight platform, and interior solutions within the FFE segment.

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Increasing Shareholder Value through Portfolio Diversification

$2.98 bn

Turnover in 2022


Fully owned subsidiaries

>$1.5 bn

In Assets Under Management

$2.1 bn

Exports in 2022

Approach to Excellence

Investing for Future Generations

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Sustainable Growth begins with Promoting Sustainability